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Sunday, 16 October 2011 11:01

By: Orestes G. Casanova / Camaguey Television

The air paths are often revealing. Since they change the perspectives and discover connections and geometric interplay difficult to see with our feet on the ground. Everything becomes tiny. Highest, widest, most extensive suddenly be in a glance.

The air paths provide another picture of the ordinary. Attract. Surprise. Thrilled. This explains the special character-especially if it takes on board a helicopter-the opportunity to travel and take them for a few hours as a lookout.

To this visual feast of what this reporter recently accessed. He did so eagerly, wanting the card from your camera was older and AA batteries that lasted a little longer. Finally, 300 snapshots seemed slim.

If only 12 should save would-perhaps-these he now shares with you, prints a revealing journey testimony in which he could catch up and down Camagüey, courtesy of the air ways.



Cardinal points (Ring and Rotunda Avenue Finlay)

Walkways on Hatibonico ( Hatibonico River)

City Maze 1 (Historic Center of Camagüey)

City maze 2 (San Juan de Dios Square)

Ships in the south (Combined fishing Santa Cruz del Sur)

The new Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz community in New South)

Looking at Guincho (City of Nuevitas)

Heat energy (Thermal Diez de Octubre)

Wellness in the waves and salt ( Santa Lucia Beach)

La Boca (bay entrance Nuevitas)

The Lighthouse at the Admiral (Columbus Lighthouse at Punta de Maternillos)

Future of tourism (Cayo Cruz)


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